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JOLLY Consultants believes that the changing of a job/career is one of the most important and stressful times in anyone's life. Therefore, we handle each candidate like a family member.

  • We are honest with you in our appraisals and company profiles, making sure this change is good for both you and your career.
  • If at any time during the interview process we feel this is not a good match for both you and the company you're interviewing with, we will recommend against taking the position.
  • We handle all contacts in complete confidence and never disclose a candidates name or background without their prior informed consent.
  • Our service does not stop once a placement has been made. After the applicant starts with the company, we continue to follow up with the company, the applicant, to ensure that the transition is going smoothly.



In every Candidate we see an opportunity to try and find him a satisfying career. As such, we follow some basic rules and etiquettes, which are put down here. It is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that you take the time to go through this small note.

Our Procedures and Principles!!!

We are interested in working with ONLY STRONGLY interested Candidates!!!
To us, a STRONGLY interested candidate is one who has taken the trouble to STRICTLY follow the procedures we have evolved after years of experience in the Recruitment Business. These procedures form part of EACH position advertised by us at our Website as well as others'.

We believe in putting things as they are & not creating rosy pictures!!!
We will tell you the position as it is: the Salary Budget, the Challenges and the Rewards. This is because we are aiming at a LONG Term relationship: both with the Candidates as well as the Clients.

We seek your validation before forwarding your CV to any client.

Before forwarding your CV to any client, we will take your approval. However we will expect you to be fair & truthful while telling us about your previous application (directly or indirectly) if any with the Client. We propose a Candidate to any position only AFTER he/she has expressed CLEAR interest in the same AND a vigorous screening process has been carried out by us.  

Please note that given the EXTREME internet /e-mail clutter, increasingly we as well as our Clients prefer to propose / consider ONLY those Candidates that we have PERSONALLY met!! So we recommend that you do spare some time and meet us with a prior appointment in our office.

What We Expect from our Candidates!!!

Seriously consider the position, before applying.
We undertake a LOT of efforts, time and expenses in screening CVs, evaluating fitment, sending the Profile to the Client, following it up, coordinating interviews etc. We appreciate very much candidates who appreciate these efforts and are SERIOUS in their desire to get the position they have applied for.

Only Resumes which mention clearly the position applied against which they are applying, are in the Body of the E-mail (We do NOT open any Attachments to minimize Virus Problems!!!) and give their Present Salary will be evaluated against the specific position they have been submitted for!!!

Your E-mail MUST establish within the FIRST paragraph your HIGH suitability and interest for the position you have applied for. Otherwise, it will most probably just be a waste of time for you and us!!!

Be FRANK with us!!!

We expect your application to be complete and true in all relevant details such as Present Company and Job responsibilities, Present Salary, References etc. If not we, at least our Clients are EXTREMELY competent in checking these aspects out and any exaggerations / lies will only spoil your chances, not brighten it.

Attend the Interview when Short-listed!
As said above, a LOT of efforts have been made by us to come to this stage. In our experience, the Interview Panel normally does NOT sit again and again and the Position generally goes to the persons who were present the FIRST time.

Follow the Etiquettes of Business!
Candidates who ignore some basic etiquette continuously surprise us! The Consultant as well as the Potential Employer is ALSO a human being, just like the Candidate! Make their tasks easier and you will only help yourself. These etiquettes include, for example:
-Visit us with Prior Appointment only, or when we call you for detailed discussions.
-Attend the interview per planned and accepted schedule.
-If you can NOT attend the interview, advise us well in advance.
-If you can NOT attend the interview AFTER confirming your attendance to us, take the trouble to advise BOTH the Client and ourselves as soon as possible so that the Panel does not keep on waiting for you. We consider a NO SHOW without such information to us/the Client after confirmation a matter to be taken VERY seriously, please
-Give prompt feedback to us after the interview.
-In case you are made an offer, advise us immediately. Similarly, if you have accepted the Offer, advise us immediately along with the date of joining.

We strongly request all Candidates to bear the above aspects in mind while dealing with us....

Thank you very much!!!








We believe in building Lasting Relationships

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