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JOLLY Consultants works with clients by offering confidential retained, exclusive, and contingent searches and by focusing on the following:

Needs. We collaborate with you to meet your needs and achieve your desired end goal. We understand that your needs and goals - including searches, diversity recruiting, and salary surveys - sometimes evolve during the interviewing process. That is why our collaborative approach pays attention to your emerging needs.

Representation. As we contact potential candidates, we know that in their mind we are extensions of your company. The image we project as your ambassador reflects on your company. Therefore, we act in a highly professional and ethical manner, representing your company consistent with the overall corporate image you want to project.

Search. Based on your requirements and qualifications, we conduct the search from multiple sources, narrowing the field down to truly qualified candidates. We are available 24/7 based on the urgency of the search.

Completion. Paying attention to all the details, we provide you with the needed critical information to compose and extend an acceptable offer. We continue this process with follow up and assistance for the candidate as they resign and transition to a new employer.

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